Flagpole Christmas tree – From “Plura’s Christmas” to “Easy money”. From cooking food in the swedish archipelago to action thriller in the big city. Flagpole Christmas tree from Montejaur has now been seen in two television productions.

LED Christmas tree – a product for the dark

Our LED Christmas tree is a broad product and it’s use reaches far beyond Christmas itself. The elegant Nordic design and the lack of kitsch makes it a product for darkness. Used as outside Christmas lighting it spreads light and joy during the holidays, but it’s really just a geometric shape of light. This allows the product to be used from early November until late February, when the spring sun returns. The LED-net can be raised in a flagpole or be mounted in your garden with an included pole .

“Plura’s Christmas” and “Easy money” – Montejaur Flagpole Christmas tree in the spotlight

There sure is something about your 15 minutes of fame. In “Plura’s Christmas” from 2016 our Flagpole Christmas tree 8m was seen in the vignette in each of the eight episodes.
For a few seconds in “Easy money/Snabba cash” (Link to netflix) our product was seen in the background of a key episode. More precisely a Flagpole Christmas tree 8m showed up in a scene with Evin Ahmad in episode S2E6 of Easy money/Snabba cash (Link to the scene). Very exiting for our team of film fanatics!

Montejaur on screen

Since 2014, due to our interest in movies, Montejaur has produced an annual short film that references iconic movies. The latest movie “The Lighting” was horror-themed and included elements from The Shining, The Blair witch project, Psycho and the Exorcist. Another short film was Spaghetti western-themed. In “the Lighting” our hanging LED Christmas tree was seen. In our newly released commercial video we show our Multicolor LED Christmas tree glowing in most selectable colors.

More movies – Animated assembly instructions

Regardless of how intuitive our engineers have made it for our customers to assemble our products, there is no better tool than a simple instructional video. Our flagpole lights, with its LED light grid creates a perfectly cone-shaped spruce and is easy to raise, as shown here, for example.

Flagpole Christmas tree – what’s next?

The Montejaur team had already voted for /spoiler alert/ to be the inspiration for our next annual short film. But considering our three seconds of fame in “Snabba cash” we might have to reconsider and let us be inspired by another Swedish production? Time will tell. For the moment we’re looking forward to lighting up more gardens and public environments with our beautiful original from the North – The flagpole Christmas tree from Montejaur.