Flagpole Christmas Tree

The beautiful original from the North

Why our flagpole christmas tree?

The original Unique and spectacular product which is raised in the flagpole
Environmetally-friendly Low power consumption, despite an enormous light geometry
Fits all flagpoles and surfaces
Swedish innovation
Easy assembly By far the easiest installation on the market. You will do it in a few minutes on your own.
Easy to scroll and store in the original box
Dense light geometry  due to net design rather than separeted LED-chains
Certified S-marked, tested and certified by Intertek and SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden


Winter with Multicolor flagpole LED tree

Winter with Multicolor flagpole LED tree. Welcome to Montejaur and one of our creations - FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE Multicolor! A subtle and stylish LED light tree that accompanies you through the many holidays of winter, creating a magical atmosphere. A Multicolored...

Pictures of Our Flagpole Christmas Trees: The Beauty of Montejaur Flagpole Lighting

At Montejaur, we adore sharing our passion for beautifully designed lighting. Our Flagpole Christmas Trees, also known as Christmas lighting for flagpoles or outdoor Xmas lights, are no exception. With a growing interest in our products, we've had the privilege of...

Flagpole Christmas tree – From “Plura’s Christmas” to “Easy money”

Flagpole Christmas tree - From "Plura's Christmas" to "Easy money". From cooking food in the swedish archipelago to action thriller in the big city. Flagpole Christmas tree from Montejaur has now been seen in two television productions. LED Christmas tree - a product...
10 years without corrosion

Waterproof LED garden lights

10 years without corrosion In 2012 the Montejaur LED’s became waterproof. As a result, home and garden owners equipped with Montejaur products, have enjoyed waterproof LEDs in flagpole christmas trees and similar garden light products for 10 years without corrosion....

An eye for colors – about color temperature

We perceive colors in different ways. There is a joke about the arguing married couple in the wallpaper store. The husband claims there exist only eight colors, and that the wife’s lime, turquoise, aquamarine, emerald, olive and pistachio all are green. Evidently they...

LED cable splicing

LED cable splicing At the Montejaur Headquarters besides office, warehouse, and a light lab there is the LED light workshop for repairs of Montejaur products. Yes, repairs occur and are a part of our claim handling procedure. We give a two year´s warranty to all our...
multi colour flagpole christmas tree


It's finally here! The Montejaur multi colour FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE is now available in the size of 6m for flagpoles and 300cm with a portable pole included, the two best-selling sizes. Choose among a variety of colours, combinations, steady or animated. Operated by...
The Lighting

Happy Halloween – or the story behind The Lighting, the Montejaur 2021 commercial video

https://youtu.be/WJFVZNh2Gtk First some background on horror props Why is a wooden stake needed to kill a vampire? Some say that it relates back to Christianity. In traditional superstitions about vampires in Christian countries, it was believed that vampires were of...

Animated assembly instructions

Animated assembly instructions are now available in the webshop. It is very seldom that questions arise about the installation of FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE from Montejaur. Once you have the product in front of you, the process is intuitive and fast. However, in order to...
Less air in the shipments

Less air in the shipments

Less air in the shipments. It is a good sign that others have noticed the benefits of sustainable and environmentally-friendly packaging. Postnord - the merged Swedish/Danish postal companies - CEO Annemarie Gardshol announces that she requests less air in the...

The story behind the Montejaur 2020 commercial

About the Montejaur 2020 commercial First some background on botanical props The saguaro cactus  grows it’s first arm at the age of 95-100 years, and when it is about 4-5 meters tall. It can live for 300 years and you will find it in Arizona, only.In Sweden you can...

Raising Speed Challenge

How fast can you assemble a Montejaur LED-net compared to string models? Watch the Raising Speed Challenge - Flagpole Christmas Lights video:   Montejaur Flagpole Christmas Tree - Easy assembly due to the patented net design. By far the easiest installation on...

Image theft and false marketing! – Danish Veliline have for two years used Montejaur’s image on its own Christmas lights

In 2015 it was about time for Montejaur to update its portfolio of pictures and other marketing material. Spring came early and we had to travel far up north to find snow. We ended up in Arvidsjaur, near the Arctic Circle, where we together with a photo team and a...

Find your Perfect Flag Spot!

Find your Perfect Flag Spot! As discussed earlier Montejaur’s unique net design enables very easy assembly of the flagpole lights. There is no tangling, and you get a perfect conical shape while all the LED are evenly distributed. Antother benefit is the possibility...

Montejaur at the “Home and living” fair, Stockholm Exhibiton, Oct 11-14

FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE, a Swedish innovation, was launched at the "Home and living" fair in Stockholm in 2009. Today nine years later, Montejaur is back again at the leading Nordic home and living fair in Stockholm on October 11-14. This year's news Visit us in booth...

PORCH DROPS and stand-alone LED CONES with portable flagpoles

PORCH DROPS and stand-alone LED CONES with portable flagpoles Montejaur’s first tagline used to be: - Do you have a flagpole? Congratulations! Now we can add another one: - Do you NOT have a flagpole? Congratulations!   “The beautiful original from the North” is...

Corrosion testing of LED-lights

Corrosion testing of LED-lights. What for? Aren’t LED garden lights something you just put up and let shine until it shines. Next year you buy a new set. Or? Not at all. The Montejaur products belong to a different category and have a much higher demand. 2 years...

The Swedish flag, not for landlubbers! Flag days in 2018.

Swedish National Day is celebrated on June 6th. On this day in 1523 Gustav Vasa was elected king, and on this day in 1809 the instrument of government was adopted, forming a key part of  Sweden’s constitution. Flag Days Tha National Day is one of 18 official flag days...

Flagpole LED lights testing – A day in the Montejaur lab

Flagpole LED lights require testing, as well as many other products. By using the most powerful leaf blower on the market we simulate strong winds, just like the ones which create challenges to outdoor garden lights during wintertime. Especially for those which are...

Different types of Flagpole Lights

Next subject in our LED light blog is the different types of Flagpole Christmas lights available in the market place. It is worth to mention that there were very few larger lighting garden and outdoor decorations for private usage before 2005, when the LED-technology...

Measure your flagpole – the easy way!

We continue with a subject which we have highlighted earlier. The eternal question: how high is my flagpole? It is a good idea to find this out as the evenings in the garden get darker and time to decide which LED lighting to raise in the flagpole. The most common...

Garden lights during summer

When talking about LED and garden lights you often think of winter and darkness. Light up your garden! Switch on the cottage lights in the darkness! Raise the Christmas tree in your flagpole! are typical headlines in ads when the days get shorter. But also during...

Gallery & testimonials


“The tree has been lit ever since we got it. A true decoration which gets the passing cars to slow down.”

– Tranås


“Absolutely the most elegant christmas decoration in our little village. :-)”

– Svängsta


“I just want to say that I have the prettiest christmas tree in all Täby. Thank you and a merry christmas.”

– Täby


“We enjoyed it the whole evening yesterday and I’ve been up in the night and adored it. So beautiful!!!!”

– Trosa


“I just want to tell how BEAUTIFUL the lights are. What a delightful idea!”

– Bällinge


“You should know that this has become a popular a photo object in Boden.”

– Boden


“Thank you for a warm welcome and good service. We will recommend you to neighbors with flagpoles!”

– Ljungskile


“I just want to say that I am very happy with my christmas tree. It is truly a shining (!) product! The neighbours literally hang out from their windows and cheered when we raised it in the flagpole, and many of our friends want to order.”

– Lidingö