PORCH DROPS and stand-alone LED CONES with portable flagpoles

Montejaur’s first tagline used to be: – Do you have a flagpole? Congratulations!

Now we can add another one: – Do you NOT have a flagpole? Congratulations!


“The beautiful original from the North” is now available as hanging PORCH DROPS or as a stand-alone option with a portable flagpole.

Already in 2017, the hanging PORCH DROPS were launched. A 6ft high LED-cone witch is hung on a wall-mounted flagpole or to a hook on your porch, balcony or even indoors.

Stand-alone LED cones with portable flagpoles

New for this year are the options with stand-alone portable flagpoles witch you can place directly on your lawn. It is available in the sizes 180cm (6ft), 300cm (10ft), and 400cm (13ft).

As usual for our products, the Montejaur LED light products are by far the easiest to assemble on the market. And it is also the easiest to scroll and put back into its box. All products come in dedicated boxes.

As usual for all our products all LED are corrosion proof, and as usual the pie-shaped patented net design ensures perfect lights distribution and a perfect conical shape. The plain Nordic design makes usage natural far beyond the Christmas season and the perception is far from kitsch or tackiness.

The hanging nets have a bottom ring which is assembled in a few steps. And there are no loose parts.

Color patterns

A number of various color combinations – a result of the unique net design – gives you several choices to find your favorite pattern.

The Montejaur unique net design enables different color patterns, which is simply not possible for products with one-dimensional LED light strings.

French tricolore, All American, Pride, Crisp, Christmas White, or why not Little Italy?

See the presentation movie!