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Balcony kit for LED CHRISTMAS TREE

Mount your LED CHRISTMAS TREE with pole on hard surfaces such as a balcony or terrace. Balcony kit for LED CHRISTMAS TREE with pole includes a cross fot in wrought iron and a foldable bottom ring in composite material. Velcro straps are included and easy to attach with the LED lights.

Suitable for:

112PFP –  with portable flagpole 180cm
113PFP –  with portable flagpole 300cm
11400PFP – with portable flagpole 400cm.

112PFP –  with portable flagpole 180cm already includes a bottom ring, which is why this is not included in this kit. You can also buy the parts separately, such as Cross foot and bottom ring


Most often, you place the LED tree in your garden. For this reason, a skewer is included in the standard version, which you simply stick into the lawn. As a result, you will get a stable anchoring of the pole and the LED lights. The light net itself is easily attached to the ground with the help of the tent pegs, which are included.

If, on the other hand, you want to install your spruce on a hard surface, you need a balcony set for spruce that consists of a cross base and a bottom ring. Simply screw the cross foot together with the foot part. It will stand steady because of it’s weight and design. It is also easy to fold when stewing. The bottom ring bends into a circle, but if you are unsure how, watch this instructional video! On the bottom ring, you can then place something heavy, such as paving stones, for instance. In this way, you ensure that your LED lights are steady in the wind, etc. After the season, you fold up both the cross base and the bottom ring, which you then store in the same packaging as your LED light net. Easy disassembly, equally important as assembly. Year after year.

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