Christmas comes in many spirits. One of them is Scandinavian and here are a few words on how this applies to flag pole Christmas tree lights.

Scandinavian design – the worldwide craze for it and how the Scandi minimalism permeates the Montejaur philosophy, our flagpole lights and our flag pole Christmas tree lights

During the 50’s the Scandinavian style really began to spread to the outside world, not the least to the US and the UK. Concepts such as the Scandinavian look and Swedish modern was spread and reinforced thanks to the emerging mass media. The term Scandinavian Design referred to modern design from the Nordics and was associated with Nordic traditions, culture and nature as well as democratic values. Today Scandinavian design is mostly associated with its interior design. Scandinavian design focuses on clean lines, minimalism and functionality that never compromises on aesthetics. The same goes for Montejaur’s flag pole Christmas tree lights and flag pole decorations that have been created in the truest Scandi style.


flag pole christmas tree lights

Copyright: Ellinor Bylund


Scandinavian design in the world today – Montejaur outdoor Christmas lighting in the US and the UK

If you were to believe some of the biggest home deco magazines and blogs in the world, the secret behind the Scandi style’s incredible popularity is it’s inviting textures, it’s focus on creating the right type of lighting but most of all, it’s absence of clutter. In the United States, Scandi Style is considered to be a completely unique form of style. Whether it is related to interior design or it’s minimalistic lifestyle that is clean and soothing. In Great Britain Scandi Style is referred to as: “hygge” a Danish term for creating a warm atmosphere to enjoy with loved ones, a cozy state that often includes the right type of lighting while snuggling up during the darker winter months.

At Montejaur all of our products have been developed with this is mind. We create Christmas lighting for outdoor use and flag pole Christmas tree lights that illuminates gardens and public environments. Undeniably in a minimalistic and Scandinavian style. Our products are designed and tested in Sweden by our competent crew and in true Scandi Style they are completely free of unnecessary plotter. They are easy to assemble or to raise in a flagpole and due to their stylish Nordic design and lack of kitsch. For that reason they can be used during all of the darkest winter months and not just for Christmas.

Scandinavian design is here to stay – Montejaur and minimalism

‘Because Scandinavian design has been around for so long it can no longer be considered a trend. Today Scandi Style is exactly what the name implies: a style. A style that is here to stay. Since the 1950’s it has been appreciated worldwide and in the 10 last years it has literally exploded in popularity, mainly in the United States and the UK. Since the start in 2010 Montejaur have contributed with minimalist flag pole Christmas tree lights in Scandi Style. It is therefor not surprising that our biggest markets have historically been Denmark, the US, and the UK. Our beautiful original from the North is meant to represent an immortal Scandinavian style, a lifestyle really. It brings us closer to nature, it exudes warmth and stylishness while offering any outdoor environment a rather grand Christmas lighting.