Montejaur offers a large variety of high quality LED Christmas trees. The Christmas tree shaped LED nets can be raised in your flagpole, hung from o hook or assembled on a portable flagpole.

Out of our many sizes and colors, we now offer the option “US FLAG – stars and stripes” as a Flagpole Christmas tree 20ft and a hanging LED Christmas tree 6ft.

Flagpole Christmas lightsFlagpole Christmas tree US flag

Flagpole Christmas tree 20ft – US FLAG

The net is raised just like a flag and it only takes a few minutes to assemble. It’s just as easy to take down and store in the original box,

However this product’s area of usage reaches far beyond the Christmas season.

It’s already becoming a bestseller this year!

Assembly – Animated instruction

LED Christmas tree US flag

Porch drop 6ft hanging – US FLAG

In a smaller version, the hanging LED Christmas tree is perfect for indoors or your porch or balcony.

You can really get creative when it comes to placing this product. On the picture it has been assembled on a pole in the ground. It can also be hung from a hook in the cieling or on a wall-mounted flagpole.

The product includes the 6ft net with rectifier, a bottom ring and a 24V transformer.

Assembly – Animated instruction