10 corrosion free years

LED lights from Montejaur have since 2012 been waterproof. Homeowners have therefore been able to enjoy waterproof and stainless flagpole lights as outdoor Christmas decorations, without any corrosion problems for 10 years.

Commercially available LED lights contains of non-stainless materials in the anodes and cathodes. By encapsulating every LED and fill the PVC-sleeve with a transparent glue, the space that is normally filled with air becomes waterproof and gas-tight which prevents the LED-components to corrode. Examples of waterproof Christmas decorations are Flagpole Christmas Tree and LED Christmas Tree with pole.

Outdoor Christmas decorations are exposed to snow, rain and moisture during the winter months. Rust is a typical problem and string lights of low quality corrodes in most cases already during the first season. The first sign is usually a brown discoloration of the LED’s. Within short time the circuit is broken and the light string stops shining.

If part of the light string isn’t replaceable it will lead to the whole light string being discarded. But even if you do have replaceable parts of the light strings, it’s quite annoying having to spend time out in the cold to change the components. Especially since you understand that it’s most likely the same problem will occur again. In summary you want to assemble your Christmas decoration once to then just be able to enjoy it’s atmospheric glow. Year after year!


It is therefor necessary to get the corrosion safety in order for outdoor products that are meant to be used for more than one season. For help there is a product standard, an IP-classification that classifies the grade of protection against wetness, moisture etc.

Following video demonstrates how well the encapsulation of the LED’s are working. The flagpole lights without corrosion from Montejaur are not meant to be under water but as you can see, it manages without any problem if the accident occurs. This displays how well Montejaur’s Flagpole Christmas trees constancy against wetness.