LED CHRISTMAS TREE MULTICOLOR for and with flag pole.

Finally here!

Montejaur’s flagpole lights multicolor are now available in two variations. LED Christmas tree 20FT and LED Christmas tree with portable flagpole 10FT. Choose between a large variety of colors, color combinations, solid light or animated patterns. Operated by remote control!

Assembly – animated instruction (20FT for flagpole)

Assembly – animated instruction (10FT including portable pole)

Color variations

With the remote control you’re able to choose between different animations, such as “leaping”, “fading”, “flashing”, “crackling”, “solid light” and “wavy”.

Choose among the following colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Violet, White, or a combination of them. The “combination variety” is for many a sight that recalls the familiar Disney Christmas feeling. Look at our pictures and videos and decide for yourself!

There’s also a pre-programmed automatic mode that randomly switches between the mentioned variations.

Do you have a flagpole?

Congratulations! LED Christmas tree multi color 20FT from Montejaur is a variation of “The beautiful original from the North”. Without doubt the easiest assembly procedure on the market. You raise it in your flagpole within a few minutes, all by yourself!

When raised, your Flagpole Christmas tree will light up it’s surroundings with a beautiful atmosphere. The perfectly shaped cone form is a well known geometry that never feels kitschy, an attribute that’s appreciated on our latitudes.

The LED net is just as easy to dismount and store in it’s original box after the season is over, which you’ll repeat year after year.

Don’t have a flagpole?

Congratulations! LED Christmas tree multi color with portable pole 10FT from Montejaur includes a pole. The portable flagpole consists of separate parts that’s just as easy to mount and dismount as our Flagpole products. Take a look at our Youtube videos for further inspiration. This product comes with a skewer for easy assembly on a soft surface, a lawn for example.


What’s included?

For both products, LED Christmas tree for and with flag pole, an outdoor rated transformer is included. You can also purchase a dusk to dawn sensor and an additional extension cable 24 V. Both products are corrosion-proof, as well as all of our Flagpole products. For LED Christmas tree multi color for flagpole, you can purchase tent pegs if necessary.