US office


We are happy to announce that we have finally opened our US office and warehouse in Albany, California. The office has opened with a packed warehouse and will serve as the distribution point for the North American market.


Our history in the US started in 2013 when we opened a warehouse in Madison, Wisconsin.

Below is a timeline of our North American presence:

2013-2015 Madison, Wisconsin

2016-2020 Amazon

2021- Albany, California


All our products are shipped with UPS Ground, and we ship to all 50 states and to our Canadian customers for a fixed price depending on the product. For example, our best seller the 20ft FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE has a $19 shipping fee.


Previously the sales in the North American market have been carried out through Amazon. This operation has been insourced and all operations will henceforth be done by Montejaur. This is a big step for us, and our aim is to be the leading FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE supplier. We ensure top quality and the best-looking product with the most beautiful light pattern on the market.


Looking forward to supplying you with the greatest Christmas spirit.