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How much electricity do flagpole christmas lights use?

LED CHRISTMAS TREE 6ft hanging uses 2W. With 12hours per day and electricity price 30 ¢/kilowatt-hour (kWh) this means $0,22/month

LED CHRISTMAS TREE 10ft with flagpole uses 6W. With 12hours per day and electricity price 30 ¢/kilowatt-hour (kWh) this means $0,70/month

FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE 26ft uses 19W. With 12hours per day and electricity price 30 ¢/kilowatt-hour (kWh) this means $2/month

How does it work?

Watch our 2 min instructional video!

Measure your flagpole – the easy way!
The easiest way to measure the height of your flagpole is:

1) Go to your garden
2) Hold up a pen infront of you, and let it entirely cover the flagpole from your field of view.
3) Rotate the pen horisonally, but maintain one end of the pen connected to the bottom of the flagpole.
4) Notice the point on the ground where the pen ends.
5) Measure the actual distance between the point on the ground and the flagpole!

My flagpole is higher than 8 meters. Is FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE 8M suitable?
FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE 8 METER fits and suits all flagpoles which are 8 meters or higher. You simply raise the net 8 meters. Visually, it doesn’t matter if the flagpole is higher. The eye will seek for the conical light geometry. Take a look at our photos! Are you able to establish how high those flagpoles are?
How do I get the net around the flagpole?

FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE is a triangular-shaped light net, with a top ring. You will wrap the net around the pole once you raised it.

I have a fence close to my flagpole, will FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE fit?

The bottom diameters are highlighted in the technical specification. Since the net is “open in the back” you can choose to have a smaller diameter by making a smaller wrapping.

Do I need a flag pole in order to use a FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE?

For customers who do not have a flag pole, we recommend FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE 4 METERS. It can be attached to balconies, branches etc. The larger sizes however, require a flagpole.

What if a LED is damaged and gives up?

The wiring of the light net is such that the LED’s are maximum independent of each other. Should one LED give up, then 8 LED’s will stop to shine.

Will the net stand for strong winds?

There is not much for the wind to catch. Several Nordic winters have helped us developing an endurable quality product. All LED’s are encapsulated and corrosion proof. However, we recommend to lower the net during wind speeds above 10 m/s.

Are there other suppliers?

FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE is a patented Swedish innovation which was launched in Stockholm 2009.



Attach the top ring to the tack line.


Raise the net.


Stretch the net until all parts disengage.


Fasten the light net to the ground by using paving stones, tent pins or similar.