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Don’t have a flagpole?

Congratulations! Montejaur is now offering the Hanging LED Christmas Tree. Choose your color combination below.

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Don’t have a flagpole? Congratulations!

“The beautiful original from the North” is the FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE from Montejaur. Now the same design and quality LED TREE Christmas lights is available as a hanging variation where no flagpole is needed.

The hanging LED CHRISTMAS TREE can be fitted on wall mounted flagpoles, a hook in the ceiling or anything similar, meaning the area of use is broad for this product!

Available in a large variety of color combinations. The LED TREE Christmas lights comes in the size 6 ft.

Both for indoor and outdoor use.

Why choose a LED CHRISTMAS TREE from Montejaur?

Montejaur products has by far the easiest assembly on the market due to it’s unique yet simple and elegant design. This hanging version is assembled and hanged within minutes by one person and is just as easy to stroll and store in the original box after the season is over. Once in place, the LED CHRISTMAS TREE will light up it’s surroundings and glow with a decorative Christmas spirit from your porch, balcony, or wherever you choose to hang it from!

Designed and tested in Stockholm. Packaged and Shipped from our warehouse in California.


All products are assembled and delivered from our US office and warehouse in Albany, California. The office has opened with a packed warehouse and will serve as the distribution point for the North American market.

All Montejaur products are shipped with UPS Ground, and we ship to all 50 states and to our Canadian customers for a fixed price depending on the product.

Looking forward to supplying you with the greatest Christmas spirit!

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 61 × 11 × 11 cm
LED color

Warm white, Rainbow 6 colors, French Tricolore, Little Italy, Crisp/Cool White, Red, Green, Blue, HIF, DIF, US flag


180cm, 300cm, 6ft US