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Actual power consumption 24 W
Number of diodes 800 LED
Height 20 ft

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Flagpole Christmas lights with stars and stripes has a beautiful pattern of 800 LED. Spread the joy and raise the flag this season as a LED net in the shape of a Christmas tree!

FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE – US FLAG is the all American option of our bestseller; the Montejaur  FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE, “The beautiful original from the North”.

Why choose Flagpole Christmas lights from Montejaur?

Montejaur flagpole products has by far the easiest assembly on the market. You raise the LED net in just a few minutes on your own. Once raised, the FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE will lights up it’s surroundings with a decorative Christmas spirit. Just as easy to stroll and store in the original box after each season.

All products include a water-resistant transformer that can be connected to a dusk to dawn sensor to have your FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE automatically light up at dusk.

Montejaur FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREEs are corrosion proof. Certified S-marked, tested and certified by Intertek and SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

Designed and tested in Stockholm. Packaged and Shipped from our warehouse in California.

Technical specification

  • Actual power consumption 24 W
  • For flagpoles 20ft or higher.
  • The corrosion protected LED ensures long life, even in rough enviroments.
  • US flag Stars and stripes in a unique conical net design for your flagpole.
  • This unique net design creates a large beautiful visual decoration in your garden.
  • Swedish innovation – The net design gives a beautiful dense light geometry.
  • By far the easiest installation on the market. You will do it in a few minutes on your own.

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