Montejaur flagpole lights and the innate human drive to raise objects high up in the sky.

On phallos symbolism – fertility rituals and the worlds oldest totem pole.

AND the real reason behind why it is so satisfying to raise our flagpole lights during Christmas.


Since the beginning of times humans have built and erected structures in a seeming attempt to reach for the stars.

Most famous are the pyramids in Giza, Egypt. Another example is the multitude of totem poles found throughout ancient cultures all across the earth.

In the Nordic countries you find the thousand year old tradition of raising the several meters tall Midsummers Pole during Midsummer solstice. A tradition that to this day is celebrated in Sweden and in Finland.

Since 2010 Montejaur flagpole lights can be added to the list of objects to raise high up in the sky.


Shigir Idol – The oldest totem pole in the world

Found in Russia in the 1800’s the wooden totem “Shigir Idol” was first thought to be as

old as the pyramids. However The latest carbon dating puts the Shigir Idol in the category of oldest man made structures ever found. With its 12.500 years of age it predates the earliest pyramids by almost 6000 years (!) compare that to the humble age of the oldest Montejaur flagpole light that first saw the light of day in 2009 (!)

The Shigir Idol artifact displays a human looking figure that when assembled is of a staggering 17ft of height. As with all other ancient totem poles found it is thought that the Shigir Idol contains symbolism related to ancestor spirits, the boundary between earth and sky and that it served as a creation myth.

Other theories revolve around it having been erected as a marker in the landscape as either a welcoming sign or as a warning of marked territory or even as a symbol of higher status.

Montejaur clients send us their photos

In contrast to the 12.000 year old Shigir Idol, Montejaur flagpole lights and garden Christmas trees are a Scandinavian 21st century invention. Their sole purpose is to ignite the Christmas spirit and to shed a sober light in gardens all throughout the winter season.

When we started in 2009 we were a smaller group of engineers that came together in our passion for electric craftsmanship and design with the purpose to create outdoor Christmas lighting of highest quality. Little were we prepared of all the pictures of newly erected flagpole lights that would pour in from our clients and continues to do so to this day. This makes us wonder; what is it about raising the Montejaur flagpole lights that is so satisfying to our clients?

Here are a few examples of the photos our clients have sent to us:

Flagpole Christmas lightsFlagpole Christmas lightsFlagpole Christmas lights






So why is it so satisfying? Social status and flagpole lights

If we were to believe some aspects of modern psychology, our innate drive to raise tall structures in our habitat has a lot to do with our inherent predisposition of displaying our social rank.

The taller the bigger and the brighter the constructions we adorn our habitat with the more we are seen. The visibility somehow equals greater importance in society.

The Montejaur flagpole Christmas light is a minimalistic LED invention but its tall stature and spread of light is a guaranteed eye catcher during Christmas and winter season. It may very well be that our flagpole lights besides creating a cozy Christmas feel to gardens also subconsciously projects higher social status?

But it doesn’t explain why our clients send us their photos. So what is it that makes flagpole Christmas lights such a satisfying event?


Flagpole lights – totem poles and phallos symbolism

It has been debated wether our predisposition to raise poles, build high rises and other tall structures is due to our pull to phallic symbolism.

In Scandinavia the raising of and dance around the Midsummers pole has its roots in a fertility ritual. The pole itself with its several meters of height and two rings on each side at the top undoubtedly resembles a huge phallos.

As humans evolved during difficult times when high child mortality was raging, the phallos and fertility culture developed and with it the tradition of reaching for the skies in an attempt to ask the Gods for good luck.

But how does Montejaur garden Christmas trees and flagpole lights fit into all of this?

Not very much (at all) if you ask us.

Montejaur flagpole lights consists of… led lamps and its modernistic conical shape bears no resemblance to a phallos. As a matter of fact, our garden Christmas lights are cherished for their sleek design that at the same time remains classically Christmassy. So could it be that raising our flagpole lights has a hidden spiritual meaning to it?

Casting light onto the darkness – a spiritual practice?

Montejaur flagpole lights makes for the perfect marriage between light and height.

When relating to the ancient old practice of raising objects high in the sky, Montejaur flagpole lights check most of the boxes.

Our products light up in the dark, they send out a welcoming vibe, they help customers to set the tone for what they would like to project onto others while they give them the pleasure of experiencing both light and grandeur in their own gardens during Christmas time.

But are there hidden spiritual meanings behind this practice that we have forgotten about but still cherish?

First of all, brightening up the dark is as an old practice as when humans first discovered the secret to make fire. Some 200.000 years ago it was of the outmost necessity to light up the dark as it would not only keep us warm but also keep wild animals away.

This lightening up the dark practice became a spiritual practice where fire would be at the centre for many spiritual practices and fire/light would be cherished as its own God.

Speeding up things a bit, in the 14’th century the Italian Saint of Santa Lucia (Lucia meaning light) made its way into the Scandinavian culture that with their 3 darkest winter months needed a remedy against the pitch black darkness.

Santa Lucia is still celebrated in the Scandinavian countries on the 13/12 when one girl in each school, each town and city is elected to represent the one that comes with light, holding a lit candle to light up the dark and spread a message of light amidst the dark.

Our flagpole lights come in a variety of sizes and colour schemes, the tallest measuring 40 Ft. The sheer height of our bestselling Christmas lights definitely sends out a welcoming vibe to the neighbourhood and to anyone passing by.

Montejaur flagpole Christmas lights – our modern way of reaching for the skies? Montejaur team has the answer…

Is this ancient habit of raising high structures due to the fact that we as a species innately strive upwards and take great pride whenever we have managed to create something larger and taller than our own stature? A sort of our own “reaching for the skies?

Whatever the reasons may be, there is something truly and innately satisfying about raising Montejaur flagpole Christmas lights in your garden and our cherished clients are the biggest proof of that.


To our skilled team of engineers the question to why it is so satisfying to raise our flagpole lights holds an easy answer:

Because it is so easy to raise our flagpole lights for literally anyone! And while up there, grand and lit, it looks as if it has been done by a professional technician!

In simple terms: at Montejaur we think that the satisfaction comes from our simplistic engineering that turns any Christmas lover out there to a master technician and a master of raising high objects. And that’s why our costumers keep on sending us their pictures!

At Montejaur we take great pride in constructing high quality Christmas outdoor lighting that anyone can assemble and raise in their garden for everyone to see.