We continue with a subject which we have highlighted earlier. The eternal question: how high is my flagpole? It is a good idea to find this out as the evenings in the garden get darker and time to decide which LED lighting to raise in the flagpole. The most common flagpole size in continental Europe is 6 meters and therefore our most popular product has been FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE 6M.

This is the easy way to measure the height of your flagpole:

1) Pick a place at a distance appr 10-20 meters from your flagpole.
2) Hold up a pen in front of you, and let it entirely cover the flagpole from your field of view.
3) Rotate the pen, but keep the bottom end of the pen connected to the bottom of the flagpole as if you would fold the pen or the “flagpole”.
4) Notice the point on the ground where the pen ends.
5) Measure the actual distance between the point on the ground and the flagpole!