First some background on horror props

Why is a wooden stake needed to kill a vampire?

  • Some say that it relates back to Christianity. In traditional superstitions about vampires in Christian countries, it was believed that vampires were of the devil, so by using wood (which is what Christ was crucified on) you were piercing their hearts with Jesus as some sort of divine metaphor.
  • Tree-huggers elaborate on different types of wood: Aspen was said to be the wood the cross was made from. Hawthorne was a strong protector against evil spirits. Fruit woods like apple or cherry were supposed to be extra filled-with-life because they bore fruit (and what better way to destroy the undead than with something filled with life?)
  • While others simply state that it was about the time and energy required to make weapons of metal. Would people not have thought that metal would do a better job?

The lighting prop

A few words about lighting in horror films

Lighting can determine the entire mood of a film. It helps to set the scene, time of day, and the overall emotion the viewer should be feeling = THE SHIVER THAT RUNS DOWN YOUR BACK during a horror film.

Shadows create tension and control how much of the surroundings and characters are revealed.

the lighting

ICA copy-cats

The idea with twins in a commercial was copied by ICA, a Swedish supermarket chain, in their week 43 commercial 2021.

But where was it filmed?

The filming location is Solbacka läroverk 100km southwest of Stockholm. Also known as the boarding school from Jan Guillou’s novel “the Evil”, about a teenage boy expelled from school for fighting arrives to Solbacka where the systematic bullying of younger students is encouraged as a means to maintain discipline, and decides to fight back.

This novel is very well-known in Sweden. It is said that among Swedish youngsters, the ones who never read books, this novel is the only book they’ve ever read. The novel was filmed in 2003

Other props

Hanging LED Christmas Tree 180CM


All this resulted in the 2021 commercial – “The Lighting”!


The Lighting – Montejaur 2021 commercial

Production company: Petrovski Productions AB

Producer / Director: Viktor Petrovski

Cinematographer / Editor: Peter Almén, WeDoMotion

Second Unit: Måns Håkansson, WeDoMotion

Sound Designer / Sound Mixer: Andrei Tsimashkou

Filmed on Location: Solbacka läroverk, Stjärnhov, Sweden (aka the boarding school from Jan Guillou’s novel “Ondskan”/”The Evil”)

Filming date: 29-30 May 2021

With kind permission from Sisyfosgruppen

Executive Producers and Copywriters: Vladimir Vuksanovic, Torbjörn Edin

Copyright: Montejaur AB