FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE, a Swedish innovation, was launched at the “Home and living” fair in Stockholm in 2009. Today nine years later, Montejaur is back again at the leading Nordic home and living fair in Stockholm on October 11-14.

This year’s news

Visit us in booth A28:28 to see our recent product launch:

PORCH DROP 300cm including portable flapole

This is a product for anybody with a lawn. It is as easy to assemble as all our flagpole products. The visual impression is ensured by the uiniqe Montejaur net design, and of course all LED are corrosion proof!

Fair price

All our products will be available with a special discount at the fair. However, if you want to postpone you purchase of a christmas tree to your garden, you might want an air freshener tree to your car!

Early movers

In 2009, we sold the first FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREES on the Stockholm Exhibiton. The first 60 customers were offered personal deliveries, if located not too far away from the Swedish capital. It became evident that many of these early adopters and influencers lived in the fanciest house in the neighborhood, or at the end of the street, or at the top of the hill. Today FLAGPOLE CHRISTMAS TREE has become a product used by many many more home owners, and it is as beautiful regardless of where it is rasied.