Less air in the shipments. It is a good sign that others have noticed the benefits of sustainable and environmentally-friendly packaging. Postnord – the merged Swedish/Danish postal companies – CEO Annemarie Gardshol announces that she requests less air in the shipments.

A Montejaur-philosophy since many years

This has been the way to doing things for many at Montejaur and our boxes are bespoke to our products. The boxes are easy to carry, and easy stack on a pallett, but will also fit nicely on the shelf. The dimensions are the following:

By this, the difference between weight and freight weight, which is based on volume, is minimized according to the pricelists at carrier companies such as Postnord, DHL Freight, and DHL Express.

In other words, our boxes are well filled and have a minimum of redundant air. With the help of a packaging instruction you will still be able to scroll the LED-net into the original box for easy storing during the summer season. In a fairly small box. That’s cleaver huh?

less air in the shipments

Folding of LED-net