About the Montejaur 2020 commercial

First some background on botanical props

The saguaro cactus  grows it’s first arm at the age of 95-100 years, and when it is about 4-5 meters tall. It can live for 300 years and you will find it in Arizona, only.
In Sweden you can buy the Euphorbia ”High Chaparall” cactus of South African origin. Not as old and tall but still. One good place with large assortment and experienced staff is Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal. This is where we bought “Clint”, a 160cm tall Euphorbia.



And a few words about the cinematic perspective

The spaghetti western  was a sub-genre to the western films. Initially the name was pejorative, later it became best-in-class.
They were produced and directed by Italians, while the main filming location was in the Almeria region, Spain. The desert scenery resembled the American South west, while the locals were Mexican-looking enough for quick casting.



And the music

Los Wrangos is a outlaw mexicana spaghetti-western band from Stockholm, Sweden. Their song Christmas in El Paso you can listen to on Spotify or on Youtube




But where was it filmed?

Regarding filming location, the Iinitial plans were considering Arizona or maybe Andalucia, Spain. However, due to the Corona situation we had to stay within our country’s borders. Namely Stora Alvaret on the island of Öland. More precisely Möckelmosse.


Other props



All this resulted in the 2020 commercial – “Christmas Everywhere”!