10 years without corrosion

In 2012 the Montejaur LED’s became waterproof. As a result, home and garden owners equipped with Montejaur products, have enjoyed waterproof LEDs in flagpole christmas trees and similar garden light products for 10 years without corrosion.

Commercial LEDs are not available with corrosion-proof material for the anode and cathode contacts. For this reason, a plastic sleeve now encapsulates each and every LED. A special transparent glue is then added into the sleeves. This design creates a liquid and gas tight environment, which ensures corrosion-proof function.

Outdoor Christmas products are exposed to snow, rain, and moisture during the winter season. Corrosion is likely to damage low quality Christmas decorations. The first sign is often a brown discoloration of the LED itself and, as a result, the circuit will breakdown. In most cases already after a few weeks during the first winter. Firstly, you will see a brown discoloration of the LED itself. Secondly, the circuit will breakdown.

For  products that are non-interchangeable, one such error makes the entire decoration useless and ready for disposal. Even if it is possible to replace parts of the light decoration, the extra work is annoying and time consuming, especially when you know that the same error will occur in additional parts of the led Christmas tree. Christmas times are usually busy and the weather conditions often such that you would want to reduce spending extra time in the garden for repair. In other words, you just want to install, light up, and enjoy the beauty of your flagpole lights. Year after year!


In conclusion, it is necessary to solve the corrosion problem in order to ensure year after year operation. As an example, the product standard IP Code or Ingress Protection Code classifies the degree of protection against water.


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