When talking about LED and garden lights you often think of winter and darkness.

  • Light up your garden!
  • Switch on the cottage lights in the darkness!
  • Raise the Christmas tree in your flagpole!

are typical headlines in ads when the days get shorter.

But also during summer, LED lights can be cozy. Party tents have become popular in gardens and can be found in most department stores and garden centers. A stretchable and easy-to-mount LED-net, which fits all party tents can be found in Montejaur’s web shop.  It is surprisingly nice to remain seated under the 3×3 or 3×6 meter large roof during the summer night and to get some light after twilight.

Students never want the graduation party to end, and night owls want to remain seated during crave fish parties. With a timer you will also have a welcoming atrium shining towards the street during evenings and nights. The one-liner these days is therefore:

– Remain seated in the summer night!