Next subject in our LED light blog is the different types of Flagpole Christmas lights available in the market place. It is worth to mention that there were very few larger lighting garden and outdoor decorations for private usage before 2005, when the LED-technology became commercially available. A Flagpole Christmas Tree 12M from Montejaur with 1200 light bulbs would have pulled all the fuses in a house!


Montejaur launched its Flagpole Christmas tree on the Stockholm exhibition in 2009. Within one year house owners could find several alternatives in garden centers etc. Which are these alternatives? Easiest is to sort them in three different groups:


  • Light nets
  • Separate light strings without supporting device
  • Light strings with supporting device


Light nets

Montejaur are alone on the market with its patented light net. The net design gives you a perfect conical shape and the lamps are distributed evenly all over the net. No “two-and-twos” or “three-and-threes” of LED which impair the visual effect vs number of LED. For this reason it is wise to look not only at the number of LED when choosing a flagpole light decoration. Apart from this, the light net is self-supporting and enables easiest assembly by far. Customers of Montejaur rarely spend more than a few minutes when assembling, i.e. raising the the net. Same thing when it is time to lower the net and stroll it back to the original box.

Separate light strings without supporting device

Separate light strings are easiest and cost least to manufacture. The LED are placed alongside a cable string and the light pattern is subsequently one-dimensional. It would require a large number of strings in order to create a homogenous and visually appealing light pattern. Another disadvantage with this type has proven to be the difficulty of assembly and disassembly. Top rings that get stuck on the pole and strings intertwining. One disappointed user said that assembly requires 10 people.

Light strings with supporting device

Also this type consists of light strings. However, the strings are arranged in a specific pattern with the help of a supporting device. The outcome is a decoration which is perceived as more traditional and reminds of typical Christmas tree decorations. This type of LED decoration can be perceived as beautiful for people who are prone to traditional and perhaps a more Central European type of Christmas decoration. This type is rather difficult to assemble, even if extensive documentation is available. Besides, the supporting device supposedly increases product price.


Apart from the comparison above, it is recommended to consider the corrosion protection of the flagpole light. Montejaur has all LEDs encapsulated and the entire product is tested in corrosion chambers at the Swedish Institute, SP Borås. The LED-leg, which is not of stainless steel material is the weak spot to look after. If covered only by a PVC shrink tube, it will eventually rust and break the electric circuit.