LED cable splicing

At the Montejaur Headquarters besides office, warehouse, and a light lab there is the LED light workshop for repairs of Montejaur products. Yes, repairs occur and are a part of our claim handling procedure. We give a two year´s warranty to all our products. Perhaps nothing to brag about as they are mandatory. However, the number of claims have for many years been very small in numbers, and all of them have been taken care of. For a large percentage of the claims the warranty time has been extended probono. Customer satisfaction is most important. Small errors over time are in most cases very easy to amend and make sure our customers can continue enjoying our products for many years. LED cable splicing is not difficult however some tools are necessary for a perfect result, which is demonstrated below.

Malfunction of standard components such as transformers and rectifiers are interchangeable and simply replaced. A cut cable is easily spliced, since the light nets are all low voltage. In the unlikely event a solder within the LED breaks here is a video which shows how it can be repaired.

The procedure as shown in the video is the following:

  1. loosen and remove the LED shrink tube without destroying it
  2. identify which solder is broken
  3. cut the corresponding wire at a distance of appr 5 cm from the LED
  4. put back the shrink tube onto the LED
  5. splice the 3 wire ends
  6. put on a new small shrink tube
  7. connect the 3 wires, for example with a joint sleeve
  8. heat shrink the tube over the joint