Christmas is real

Christmas is real and so are our Flagpole Christmas tree! It has become common that when it comes to promoting Christmas products, many companies tend to photoshop their pictures to make their product more appealing. This often leads to the customer feeling lured when receiving a product that doesn’t look as good as it did in the picture. The reason why companies manipulate pictures and add sparkles or fake backgrounds, can in many cases be that the product itself isn’t captivating enough.

At Montejaur we are confident in our products beauty and quality, and we therefor don’t feel any need to make it appear as something else.

For the picture on the home page for example, the Montejaur team travelled to Arvidsjaur in the far north of Sweden. We assembled the tree on a real flagpole in the cold winter and photographed it in the dark.
The pictures turned out beautiful, just as the view in real life was.

The Grinch is real

Our effort of photographing outside, has resulted in quality pictures of our Flagpole Christmas tree. Unfortunately, this has also resulted in others taking advantage of our pictures. For many years other companies such as a large DIY company and several garden centers has stolen our pictures to promote their own product. We constantly must be on the lookout for the Grinch who stole our pictures.

The beauty is real

We are proud of our design and the aesthetic light it brings to every area where it’s lit.

Our pictures aren’t manipulated to make the LED’s shine brighter or the colors appear more vibrant, nor do we add glitter or fake backgrounds. Our pictures represent how the Flagpole Christmas tree will look outside your house, in your local park or at your town square. By keeping the pictures real, our customers get what they expect.

Christmas is real, and so are our pictures!

Christmas tree lights