The Flagpole Christmas lights that arrived today in the Montejaur workshop came as an early Christmas gift to our whole team and a proof that our LED Christmas lights last way longer than promised…


Flagpole lights, LED trees and hanging Christmas tree lights

We launched our LED Christmas tree and flagpole lights in 2010 and since then they have been spreading the warm message of Christmas in gardens in several countries across the globe. Our 26ft and 20ft tall flagpole Christmas lights have been brightening family gardens and business properties in a grandiose yet cozy fashion.

Our small LED Christmas trees have lit up terraces, smaller gardens and balconies and in some homes they have been hung indoors on a hook.

A surprise showed up in Montejaur’s little Santas workshop…

We take pride in offering repairs to a smaller fee even long after the warranty has expired. Often times repairs occur because of a cut off cable or because a wild animal has nibbled on a cable.

We rarely receive reclamations yet almost all of them are handled even after the warranty has expired since customer satisfaction is at the core of what we do.

But today a special package arrived at our workshop that made our whole team smile… As we opened it we found a box with a design that we had almost forgotten about.

Behold of our surprise when we saw that it contained a product sold in 2012 !

It’s amazing that our Christmas tree lights last that long!

Christmas tree lights

Long lasting garden Christmas tree lights – the result of thorough engineering

The reason why our Christmas tree lights can last as long as a decade is of course thanks to our very gifted and hard working engineers and technicians that put their souls into creating products of high quality.

BIG shoutout to them!

We would also like to thank the customer that sent us their 10 year old flagpole Christmas tree lights for their sustainable thinking and their faith in us at Montejaur.

You made our day!

With this in mind we are now looking forward to brightening up even more gardens and homes in the coming seasons, with a promise to our customers that Montejaur’s garden Christmas decorations are made to last. Should gnawing animals or any unforeseen accident occur we will be at your service for repairs free of charge during the two year warranty as well as offering repairs for a smaller fee after the warranty has expired.

From the Montejaur team to all of you; a merry bright Christmas!