Do you remember the Mike Oldfield song “Tricks of the light”? Well, here is a trick for your flagpole lights. This is a new way to assemble your Christmas decoration from Montejaur.

The unique design of the flag pole Christmas tree from Montejaur creates a well known and elegant LED decoration for your garden. The Nordic style is simple and generates a visual impression that is suitable not only for Christmas. LED lights from Montejaur is a product for the entire dark season.

If you are however looking for a more Christmassy Disney feeling for your garden, there is a modification you can easily do by yourself on your already existing flagpole lights. A simple “trick of the lights”.

The flag pole Christmas tree from Montejaur consists of horizontal straight rows of LED-lights. Every LED-light is positioned with a shrink tube on vertical non-energized cables.

The LED-lights can with  little force be moved a few decimeters up or down. By doing so you can create a wave form instead of the straight horizontal lines. This will give every row an appearance that is similar to garlands.

Flagpole Christmas tree 26FT consists of 32 LED-lights on every row. Assume that the first LED-light remains where it is and represents the original zero-line. The second lamp will be moved up 1″, the third lamp 2″ up, the fourth lamp 3″ up, the fifth lamp 2″, sixth 1″ and the seventh lamp remaining on the zero-line and then so on.

If you don’t already own a Flagpole Christmas tree and believe that this design will suit you better, you can order this new product directly from our web shop!


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