Don’t have a flagpole? Congratulations!

“The beautiful original from the North” is now available as hanging PORCH DROPS and stand-alone LED CONES with a portable flagpole.

Already in autumn 2017 ”PORCH DROPS”, our hanging LED cone was launched. It is a 6 ft high light cone that is hung from a wall-mounted flagpole or from a hook on the patio or balcony that could be mounted indoors as well.

Stand-alone LED CONES

New for this year are the variants with associated flagpoles in the sizes 6 ft, 10 ft and 13 ft. These can be placed anywhere on your lawn.

As usual, assembly only takes a couple of minutes, as does packing up after the season.

The Porch drops and stand-alone LED cones are corrosion proof, just as all of Montejaur’s LED products. The light pattern is the most efficient and sober on the market forming a perfect conical shape. The stylish Nordic design means that the field of use may extend far beyond the Christmas season.

Color patterns for PORCH DROPS

Montejaur’s unique mesh design enables the creation of different color patterns. This is not possible with products consisting of one-dimensional LED loops.

Our several color combinations allow you to find your favorite among our bestsellers:

The All American, French tricolor, Little Italy, Crisp, Warm White and even Pride.

Take a look at our presentation video!

hanging PORCH DROPS and stand-alone LED CONES